30.06.16 - That's interesting



As a way of marking the launch of its new range of washable headphones, Urbanears is selling a limited run of them that are coated in the sweat of celebrities. Each pair of the Hella headphones has been signed, sealed, bagged and labelled by one of seven celebrities that took part in testing the products in the Mojave desert. For more information on this sweaty innovation, click here

Nike Pro Genius

Consumers are now firm believers that mental and physical performance are interlinked, resulting in brands such as Nike to develop more holistic training programmes. The sports brand has added a series of exercises to its existing Nike Soccer app to help users ‘train like a football genius’, and comprises of five games and tools that enable users to develop their decision-making, strategy, confidence and visualisation skills. 


The Swedish brand has started to make recycling and reuse key components of its development process. For the Ikea PS 2017 collection, which is geared towards urban living, the goal was to create products with green credentials that could be mass-produced. For example, the Ikea PS Vase is made of glass that had previously been rejected during the manufacturing process, due to the present of cosmetic defects.

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