03.06.16 - That's interesting


Dirty detox

Dirty Lemon is not just another detox treatment - it promises to be a remedy for hangovers and heavy meals. With a combination of lemon juice, ginger, dandelion root and activated charcoal, it gets a bit “dirty” to absorb toxins and cleanse the body. The brand has also unique points of sale, as consumers can only order it via text messages or Instragram comments. Ready to get dirty? Have a look here

Mood of experimentation

Lush, the fresh cosmetics brand, has found a way to bring the experiential character of its stores in the digital world, with the Lush app. The sensorial element of the brand’s physical stores is replaced by an emotional mobile shopping experience. Choosing between a romantic mood, feeling inspired or playful you get a window to a sensorial exploration in your device. Find out more here

Shoes of digital discipline


A pair of shoes from Anatomic & Co helps the user to maintain a balance between technology and meaningful interactions. The shoes embedded with Bluetooth technology come with an app that manages the amount of mobile notifications according to the user preferences. The feature is an easier way to follow the modern savoir vivre of mobile devices and focus on what it matters. The era of wearable personal assistants has arrived. Watch the video here

Bags of cruelty

Luxury shoppers in Thailand found themselves shocked by PETA’s pop up shop, full of leather bags with hyper-realistic artificial beating hearts and intestines. The campaign aims to raise awareness on exotic-skin accessories and the cruel reality of their making. Hidden cameras captured the shocked reactions of the disturbed shoppers. Shockingly bold way of protesting. Watch the video here