09.06.16 - That's interesting


Reinventing the pet collar

Its not only humans that are getting into wearable technology – pretty soon, your own cat or dog could be wearing a high-tech solution around their neck.

Kyon, is designed to look and feel like a traditional collar, but is equipped with mobile technology and GPS so you can locate your pet. The collar also includes an LED display, real-time temperature sensors, ultrasound emissions to stop nuisance barking, a water sensor to prevent drowning, a rechargeable battery and pacifier technology to keep pets calm. Kyon is currently on Kickstarter - you can find out more here.

Beautiful Diversity

L’Oreal owned British cosmetics brand The Body Shop has tapped into the Islamic festival period of Ramadan and Eid with a new range of exclusive products and gifts.

Its Countdown to Eid Calendar follows the traditional Christmas advent calendar model, and showcases new products alongside brand favourites. This is yet more evidence of beauty brands looking to take a more inclusive approach, and are looking outside of their target market for future brand growth – for example, the Halal skincare and colour cosmetics market is set to grow 50% in the next 3 years.  

Football mag for women

Since Euro 2016 is kicking off this Friday, we had to squeeze something football-related into this weeks ‘That’s Interesting’.

Season is a new football magazine aimed at an under-valued and overlooked fan group – women. Blending together fashion and football in a beautifully design publication, the first issue features FKA twigs’ make-up artist and British Vogue’s associate fashion editor. You can find out more about it here.

Fog Point

In order to highlight the drought crisis in California, Hanger 1 Vodka and conservation group FogQuest have worked together to create sustainably sourced vodka – made of fog.

Using large mesh screens suspended above a trough, the water vapour is collected and mixed with a grape-based distillate to make the limited-edition vodka, with all profits being donated to future conservation projects in California. Find out more about this intriguing drink here.