17.06.16 - That's interesting


Travel guide shoes

Easy Jet designed a pair of smart sneakers with built-in sensors that vibrate to provide directions. The brand is addressing the issue of having to look into maps and navigate while visiting a new location, allowing the user to focus on the exploratory experience of travelling. The joy of discovery without the fear of getting lost on the way. Watch the video here

Beauty Alchemy

Tapping into an era of mystical beauty and ancient rituals, Gemstone Organic, a US beauty brand is offering a range of skincare products with mineral properties. Leveraging elements like earth, water and moon energy, the brand blends alchemy with the need for organic cosmetics and mystical brand rituals. Find out more here

Library fashion store

Sonia Rykiel, the French fashion brand, launched an in-store library concept in the biggest fashion city-hubs. The most recent one, in NYC, is inspired by Parisian literary cafés and the founder’s passion for literature. Classic French literature is decorating the store walls in floor-to-ceiling bookcases, with a bistro-resembling reading area, while erotic theme literature can be found in the dressing rooms. That’s an intellectual shopping experience. Find out more here

Tweeting city

A small city in Spain is using Twitter as a major of communication between the citizens and government’s officials. The city mayor realised the potential of social media and how they can contribute into minimising bureaucracy. So, he has put the democratic nature of social media into good use, as the citizens’ voice can be heard in real time! Have a look here