27.06.16 - That's interesting


The tip of the iceberg

Quidi Vidi Brewery, a Canadian brewery, being a firm believer that “the water makes the beer”, is using ancient glacier water as the main ingredient for its signature beers, which is harvested from 25,000-year-old icebergs from Newfoundland, Canada. Glacier water is indeed the purest water on earth with only eight parts per million of impurities, which produces a beer from the Ice Age that is “refreshingly light”. Find out more here

Moody cocktails

Barts, the London cocktail bar, has launched a drinks menu that focuses on improving the mood of its customers. By blending alcohol with ingredients that have mood-boosting properties, Barts is experimenting with ingredients high in serotonin or antioxidants to stimulate focus, reduce stress and uplift its customers’ moods. Uplifting cocktails with healthy ingredients. Cheers to that!

Sun Safe ad

Garnier, the skincare brand, launched a campaign to educate consumers on the importance of protecting skin from sun exposure. The brand has set up lockers at the beach for keeping safe the beach-goers’ personal belongings, but they would only lock if the users get some sunscreen before heading to the beach, saying “Now, take care what matters the most”. Find out more here

Action Jogging

Tracks is a fitness app for runners that are looking for an app that does more than tracking calories and progress. The app is an attempt to make running an entertaining activity by providing runners with a narrative that resembles an action film. The runners follow different episodes of a story that combines effective workout with the motivating illusion of starring in an exciting action movie. Lights, camera, run!