08.07.16 - That's interesting


Demystified Whiskey

Black Rock is a whiskey bar in London that focuses on the whiskey flavour notes instead of provenance or brand. With this approach, the experience of tasting is reinvented and made more accessible to a wider audience, providing them with the option of sensorial discovery, instead of focusing on connoisseurship. Take a look here.

Shakespearian retail

Selfridges is marking the 400 years since Shakespeare’s death, with the Shakespeare Refashioned campaign. The store will host a production of Much Ado About Nothing, with live readings and behind the scenes activities, combined with designer collaborations for a limited-edition collection that brings to life Shakespearian themes and characters. Watch the video here.

Kellogg’s Bar

Kellogg’s has opened a cereal bar in New York to offer consumers a more personalised and unique experience of the brand. The customers can choose from a wide cereal-based range of ready-made cereal bowls or make their own combination from Kellogg’s varieties. The bar reflects the wider trend of FMCG brands to stretch and approach consumers with experiential spaces. Find out more here.

Bookstores’ New Era

As consumers are turning into traditional media, like books, to detoxify from the digital world, new bookstore formats have emerged. Le Librairie des Puf in Paris doesn’t have shelves full of books; instead, it enables customers to virtually browse and choose their books and print them on demand, using their on-site Espresso Book Machine, boosting in-store engagement. Find out more here.