14.07.16 - That's Interesting


Intelligent Brew

IntelligentX Brew is what it says it is, a beer brand that found a more contemporary way of consumer testing with artificial intelligence. Consumers can interact with the brand’s Facebook page and chat to the AI chatbot to give their feedback. The recipe evolves according to consumers’ preferences on flavour that get analysed to inform the creation of the next batch. Watch the video here

Indulging Fitness

Balboa Bar & Gym brings together fitness with leisure to facilitate a balanced lifestyle for its customers. The space merges retail space, gym and bar-café, encouraging members to have a balanced urban life combining indulgence and fitness. Balboa manifests about workout beyond conventions, about body and heart that go together, and as they put it: “Nobody owes nobody nothing. You owe yourself”. Have a look here

High-end Cannabis

As we witness the repositioning marijuana as an alternative medicine, brands such as Seven Point emerge to give this unconventional ingredient a more premium character to shift society perceptions. Seven point is a medical dispensary providing a high end cannabis product line, whose sophisticated branding is borrowing niche design cues to position the brand in a different space in the minds of consumers. Have a look here

Smart Backpack

A smart backpack that helps you track your belongings is coming. The backpack will have portals for charging multiple devices and RFID technology to track the user’s devices with a series of clips that can be attached to their belongings. It comes with extra security as it can be locked with a strap and Bluetooth enabled app feature. The next step for wearable technology. Have a look here