22.07.16 - That's interesting


Parfums du Voyage

Fiilit is a brand that taps into the sense of smell to offer its consumers perfumes that promise to sensorially enable them to travel the world. Three different perfumes inspired by three different destinations, infused with their unique scents. Sea breeze with violet for Greek Cyclades, jasmine water with tobacco for Cuba and burning sun with ylang-ylang for Bali. Have a look here

Bread & Vodka

Grey Goose has found an alternative way to offer consumers a more experiential dimension of telling the brand story. By launching the Boulangerie Bleue, a traditional French bakery to sample Picardie wheat bread, the brand is educating consumers on its French heritage and immerses them in a series of premium dining experiences. Find our more here


Hemelswater, meaning Heaven’s water in Dutch, is a beer brand from Amsterdam, made partially from filtered rainwater. Its sustainable production approach correlates to improving Amsterdam’s eco-friendly process of absorbing and reusing rainwater, contributing to a low-impact green city of the future. Have a look here

Aesop’s Chamber of Light and Shadow

Aesop, the skincare brand with distinct retail spaces has recently created a pop-up for the Tasmanian music festival in Australia. The Chamber of Light and Shadow, Aesop’s installation, was designed to offer visitors a quiet wooden pavilion to retreat from the main festival. The visitors could enter the space and use Aesop sunscreen and after sun lotion whilst enjoying a coastal view through the installation windows. Find out more here