29.07.16 - That's interesting


Lululemon Festival 

Lululemon is celebrating its brand and is approaching its consumers with a festival that celebrates physical and mental development, at the end of this month. The Sweatlife festival is a one-day wellness event with activities that include yoga classes, exercises, mindfulness workshops, showing the equal importance of mental and physical well-being. Find out more here 

Chocolate & Politics

Harper Macaw, a Washington DC based chocolatier, launched a limited edition collection of chocolates dedicated to the American election year, with packaging that resembles voting pamphlets. Six different designs, with each one representing a political affiliation such as “Left Wing” or “Red State”, chocolate just went political! Have a look here

Cocoon Installation

Hyper Thread is a sound installation by Dave & Gabe, that resembles a cocoon and has silk hammocks with cushioned seats. The visitors can interact with the hammocks, which have motion sensors, and as they swing around they change the part of the track playing. The installation music and motion are matched with LED lights with corresponding patterns of colour, creating an immersive experience. Find our more here

Starry Night Hotel

Null Stern hotel in Switzerland is offering an alternative view of the mountains. Its rooms only offer a double bed, nightstands and breath-taking views unobstructed by walls and ceiling, unlike any other conventional hotel. Defined by the lack of its amenities, this hotel offers its customers rooms with a view of the starry sky and the Swiss Alps. A unique hospitality experience. Have a look here