05.08.16 - That's interesting


Fast for less

Everytable is a new fast food chain in LA, serving healthy and nutritious fast food that is made accessible through a forward-thinking pricing strategy. Having the well-being of the less affluent communities in mind, the chain offers healthy fast food diversely priced according to the financial situation of the local community to make healthy fast food not an elitist privilege. Have a look here

Eau de créativité

McCann, the advertising agency, created a perfume that boosts creativity, with its citrus notes. As creativity is not a logical but a rather emotional process, the idea lies into using scents for emotional stimulation and inspiration. The purpose of using the perfume is to positively associate moments of creativity peaks with the scent, and then to use it in moments of a creative block.  Find our more here

Consumer-sourced beauty

Volition is a beauty brand that listens and empowers consumers to co-create beauty product concepts that truly respond to their needs. The brand offers an online collaboration platform where consumers can vote for the beauty innovations what want to see launched, which they can later buy at a lower price, as a reward for their contribution. Have a look here

Philanthropic Travelling

Kind Traveler is a new booking platform that brings together travelling with support to important causes and local communities. The platform enables travellers to make a positive impact by donating to local charities and support local hotels and in return they receive exclusive hotel rates. Find out more here