11.08.16 - That's interesting


Adventurous Berlin

Visitors of Berlin Station get to be immersed into an adventurous interactive 360º experience of spying, uncovered plots and classified information, used as an alternative way to attract attention on the launch of a tv series. With the use of mobile devices, visitors can explore locations and search for clues in a VR-like experience that engages them as the narrative unfolds. Find out more here

Underground Beer

De Halve Maan, a Bruges brewery, found an innovative way to solve a logistics issue for transporting beer out of the city. As Bruges medieval streets are too narrow for the tanker trucks, there was a need for innovation. A 3km underground beer pipeline was crowd funded to bring the famous Bruges beer to the rest of the world. Have a look here

Sony Square

Sony has created an interactive showroom in New York to bring consumers closer to technology and innovation, while immersing them in the Sony brand experience. The consumers get to experience first hand future products, installations and beta versions that offers them a sense of exclusivity and engagement. Have a look here

Sage Project

As consumers become increasingly interested in the provenance and nutrients of the food they consume, they will need brands to be more transparent in processes and ingredients. Sage project is a start-up for food brands such as Organic Valley and Whole Foods Market facilitating that need, created by dieticians, designers and technologists, which aims to provide a fun, visual and interactive way to illustrate info of food labelling. Have look here