02.09.16 - That's interesting



Ink made out of soot is Tiger beer’s initiative towards a more sustainable future. The ink is created from urban waste such as car exhausts and factory chimneys, in an effort to transform air pollution. Air-ink, as it is called, was given to famous street artists in Hong Kong to create their street artworks. Have a look here

Wasted Cocktails

London restaurant Duck & Waffle has launched a new cocktail menu with two types of cocktails, the so-called urban foraging and urban decay. Cocktails from the first section are made with ingredients sourced in London, whereas the ones from Urban Decay is made with ingredients that we would normally waste, such as banana skins and burnt toast. High end cocktails are not to be wasted! Find our more here

Digital Concierge

Journy is a New York travel application manned by real concierges that offers a personalised itinerary to travellers. The user can answer a questionnaire based on their preferences and then get recommendations ranging from restaurants and activities to offer them a travel experience from a local viewpoint. Have a look here

Home for all 

Starcity, a San Francisco start-up, is turning unused residential space to create a communal housing solution for people that cannot afford a place to live. With the vision to “create a future where great cities are accessible to everyone”, the start-up is offering beautifully designed homes with communal lounge areas and washing rooms towards an accessible community-focused lifestyle. Find out more here