09.09.16 - That's interesting


Unapologetic cordials

Not an energy drink, not bottled at source, not an oxymoron… Elderbrook is redefining the non-alcoholic drinks market by being unapologetic and bold with confident branding and a reinvented relationship between the consumer and the retailer. The all-natural products are available only through subscription service and come into 9 unexpected flavour combinations that include rosehip, cardamom, yuzu and goji berry. Have a look here

Lonely Girls

Lena Dunham’s new lingerie campaign is breaking the mould of objectifying women with hypersexualised imagery. On the contrary, the ad campaign is featuring women wearing lingerie in a context of honesty, reality and everyday life. No glamorous make up is used, no flattering lights, no staged backgrounds, it is just the reality of being a woman that forms the set for the imagery, promoting positive body image and real beauty. Find out more here 

Experimental tableware

Jouw is a new online store with unconventional cutlery and dishware. The concept is a part of the Steinbeisser’s Experimental Gastronomy initiative, that brought together chefs and artists to reinvent vegan dishes and upcycle cutlery. Their designs are featured in the website available for purchase for those who want to challenge their curiosity and enhance the way they are experiencing food. Have a look here

Extraordinarily ordinary

Starbucks launched its first content series of Upstanders, with stories, films and podcasts that provide a closer look to real people’s experiences, who are making a positive difference in their communities. The initiative is fighting the toxic narrative associated with the candidate Donald Trump by promoting optimism, compassion and civility. Watch the video here