16.09.16 - That's interesting


Gender-neutral kids’ clothing

Primary.com is a kid’s clothing start-up that designs and sells basics for children, each of them available in a rainbow of vibrant colours. Today the brand took a bold step by going gender-neutral on their website – the categories that used to be broken down into ‘boys’ and ‘girls are now a simple ‘baby’ and ‘kids’. Have a look here

No-footprint Shoe

The prototype of a shoe those sole is made solely of recycled CO2 has been produced for the first time. Called the “Shoe Without A Footprint”, it was designed by NRG for the Carbon XPrice and will be debuting at the New York Fashion Week to drive awareness of the new material. Not walking on sunshine yet, but we’re getting close. Read more about it here

Panda at OMA

The Panda exhibition, currently on display at the Oslo Architecture Triennale creates a fictional start-up as a tool to explore the relationship and tensions between sharing economy brands such as Airbnb or Uber and their employees. In the space, brand collaterals and visual pieces create powerful stories and act as starting points for heated debates. Find out more here

Revolutionising Chinese tampons

Fémme is a new tampon brand aimed at the young Chinese market. In a country where tampons are highly unpopular the brand looks at challenging negative perceptions and cultural misconceptions. The pack’s design is modern, discreet and luxurious; subtle colour-coding indicate sizes and educational information is available at the back of the pack. Have a look here