23.09.16 - That's interesting


The Unnamed Perfume

Byredo celebrates its 10th anniversary with a fragrance that encapsulates the founder’s ethos of creating perfumes that interpret memories into scents. The perfume has no name and comes with a minimalistic bottle with a blank label, encouraging consumers to discover and get inspired to create their own connection with the scent. Have a look here

Luxurious Discounts

Lidl found an unconventional way to launch its new season collection, with an upmarket pop up store in Hamburg’s most prestigious shopping street. The retail space is located next door to top luxury brands, such as Louis Vuitton and Prada, indicating the consumer need to lifestyle-driven shopping, rather than discount versus luxury. Read more about it here

Guilty Noodles

Instant noodles, the guilty pleasure of numerous students, has found a place in the London dining scene. Guilty Noodle, the first gourmet instant noodle pop-up restaurant, merges elements of Japanese tradition with modern culture to reinvent fast food dining. Apart from the guilty pleasure of instant noodles, the restaurant hosts events inspired from the Japanese culture, such as calligraphy workshops or karate lessons. Find out more here

Makers House

Burberry is organising an exhibition with a series of immersive events that celebrates Britain’s finest craftspeople. The exhibition is the inspiration behind the brand’s collection unveiled during London Fashion Week. The visitors can have a closer look into techniques, such as patchwork quilting and silk screen painting, but also browse and buy garments from the runway collection. Find out more here