30.09.16 - That's interesting


The Subversive Gardener

Vanessa Harden’s gardening tools aren’t what you would expect. At first, you might see a handbag, a camera, a piece of jewellery, a cap… But open the handbag and you’ll realise it’s a auger – pick up a ring and it’s a spade, rake or shovel. In an urban and fashionable context, the project explores guerrilla gardening culture through a playful, unconventional and surprising language. We loved the fake camera that shots small seed bullets. Have a look here

Fuelling Positivity

Chevrolet launched an ad campaign for the International Day of Positive thinking that measures users’ positivity in social media in exchange for free fuel. The users’ Facebook and Twitter profiles are analysed to get a positivity score which corresponds to free fuel. In this way Chevrolet is aiming to use technology with creativity to emphasise the importance positive thinking. Think positive and hit the road! Watch the video here

Sea-Meat for dinner

As a reaction to the continued wasteful consumption associated to meat production, designer Hanan Alkouh has attempted to recreate the culture of meat eating in a post-meat world. Using Dulse, a red marine algae that tastes like bacon when fried, she builds a series of installations exploring a future where seaweed has taken the role of meat. Have a taste here

Maze of Scent

Chanel created an immersive installation inspired by Coco Chanel’s Paris apartment mirror staircase to celebrate scent. The installation, filled with an one-off Chanel fragrance, invites visitors into a maze of mirrored surfaces, where the oval-shaped openings across the four rooms amplify the sense of disorientation. To further heighten the sensorial element of scent, a video is displaying water surroundings that invokes a sensation of falling. Have a look here