07.10.16 - That's interesting


The Beauty Menu

Beauty retail platform The Natural Curator presents its brands as if they were a haute cuisine dish. The unusual presentation playfully takes from the current gastronomy trend: each gorgeously shot dish presents the brand’s core ingredients on a plate that seems to come straight out of a talented chef’s kitchen. Have a taste here

Bill Baird’s Summer is Gone

Bill Baird is fascinated by the fluid nature of memory: our perception of the past, time’s blurring over the best moments of our life… To capture those flickering instants of happiness in his music he wrote Summer is Gone, an online album that never plays the same version twice. The music adapts to the listener’s location or time of the day and constantly renews itself. Dazzle your ears here

Umpqua Private Bank’s Welcome Kit

Umpqua is a community bank providing financial services for wealthy individuals. In order to welcome new clients, they designed a luxurious and thoughtful welcome kit. The kit celebrates and builds the relationship with a series of gifts to open and consume through the day, from morning to evening. Read more about it here

Zen-garden in a table

Sisyphus brings kinetic art, technology, and design together in an astonishing piece of furniture. Using a motorised magnet to move a steel ball around a layer of sand, the table by Bruce Shapiro live-sculpts a zen garden in the sand held under its top, creating a meditative and dazzling piece. Watch the video here