14.10.16 - That's interesting


Second Life Toys

Japanese initiative Second Life Toys aims to bring a wider understanding of organ transplants – and hopefully nudge people to contribute. Children are invited to send broken and torn toys to the website, who will bring it back to life… But only if another toy is sent to become a donor. The revived toy is then returned to its owner. Take part here

A Trans-Dimensional Serpent

Canadian artist Jon Rafman’s piece buzzed at last week’s London Art Frieze – the giant white snake is inviting visitors to sit on it and lose themselves in a virtual horror reality world using Oculus Rift technology. Visitors become spectacle, set against brick yellow walls as they twist their necks and jump at what appears to be nothing. Learn more about the artist here

Smelling data leaks

The Smell of Data is a grenade-shaped prototype designed by Leanna Wijnsma and Froukje Tanto. The designers had raising concerns about the vulnerability of today’s personal data security and, as a response, they designed a device that releases a metallic scent to alert users when they encounter an unprotected website or Wi-Fi network. They are currently exploring ways to integrate the technology into wearables. Read more about the project here

The first Cover Boy

17-years old beauty blogger James Charles has been announced as the first male ambassador for CoverGirl. The brand took a stand on inclusivity, by showing how mascara can be used and loved by anyone, regardless of gender. James Charles gained international recognition following through his make-up artistic how-to tutorials. Have a look here