28.10.16 - That's interesting


Data Gastronification

Experimental philosopher Jonathon Keats has designed an ice-cream that aims to explain the harrowing reality of climate change. Wanting to exceed simple intellectual understanding of the issue for a more emotional one, he came up with the idea to create the “edible climate feedback model” and start that conversation through our taste buds. Read more about it – and where to try it here

Muji Free Living

Muji is offering a rent-free house prototype called “Windows house” for two years, with one condition; the inhabitants will become test subjects providing designers with regular feedback. Muji is taking market research a step further, by substituting focus groups and questionnaires with a significantly more substantial way of obtaining insights. Find out more here

Inclusive Fashion

Ruh is a transparent fashion brand reinventing clothes for Muslim women without compromising on style. With a modern take on modesty, minimal and fashion-forward, the brand’s collection at a first glance makes you think of high fashion. Small details, like turtlenecks and the covered skin of the models subtly reveal the special purpose of the brand, that makes the collection relevant to many women of different cultures. Have a look here

Get Out

Jordan Peele’s horror movie could be mistaken for any scary feature coming out at this time of the year. But in here the monster creeping in the dark is nothing less than racism: the trailer follows a black man set to meet his white girlfriend’s family in their upper-middle class neighbourhood. From uneasy to terrified and running for his life we experience through him racial fears, oppressions and killing of young African-Americans. Scare yourself here