04.11.16 - That's interesting


Architecture Packaging

To celebrate its 25 years Thai property developer Noble Development commissioned a unique limited edition gift set. The eight resulting designs package simple food products like crackers, pasta or granola bars into beautifully crafted packaging, inspired by architectural design cues from the developer’s projects. Marvel on the packs here

Starbucks’ green cup

Ahead of the upcoming controversial US election, Starbucks has launched a new Green Cup as a symbol of representing a united inclusive community; The design figures a crowd of people, all drawn in a single line, connecting the coffee farmer to the drinker, going through families and friends. Have a look here

Constructive Criticism

Scottish whisky brand Laphroaig just launched its new ad campaign, #OpinionsWelcome, in which it asks consumers for feedback on the drink and cheerfully receives both positive and negative answers. The honest, unfiltered reviews were then projected onto the wall of the distillery in Islay and uploaded online in their opinion gallery. The brand is embracing controversy and criticism, demonstrating bold confidence. Read, laugh and give your own opinion here

Connected Clothing

Men’s clothing brand Rochambeau has partnered with IoT company EVRYTHING and manufacturer Avery Dennison RBIS to design the Bright Bmbr, a smart bomber jacket that enables the user to enter exclusive events. The wearer can scan the sleeve with a smartphone app to discover the city, from gallery tours to VIP invitations in bars and restaurants. Discover more about the project here