18.11.16 - That's interesting


One Sweet World

Ben & Jerry’s is getting political in the post-US-election era with each a new ad which promotes inclusivity. The brand is taking a stand and expresses its values and core beliefs, of advocating for racial and social justice, with an ad and open letter addressed to Donald Trump. Setting the tone for brands that know what they stand for. Watch the video here and read the letter here

Beer of Clouds

Innis & Gunn, a Scottish craft brewery created Sky.P.A., a new pale ale made from the clouds of the Scottish Highlands. Water from the clouds, that come from the Atlantic ocean, is collected with an airborne device that serves as a “cloud collector” to create a beer that gets its flavour by the water minerals–among others. Have a look here

The Basslet

When they launched their Kickstarter earlier this year, German start-up Lofelt did not expect to reach 600% of their target. But “the Basslet”, their innovative bass-boosting wristband, has convinced hundreds of backers. The device aims to enhance the music listening experience by picking up inaudible frequencies and vibrating in rhythm - replicating the sense of being at a concert or a club. Line yourself up for first shipping here

DIY Merchandise

Refusing to enter the mass-production system of merchandising that is “destroying environment and enslaving peeps” singer-songwriter MIA has uploaded five open-source designs on her website. She hopes to encourage fans to recycle old or unwanted clothes by printing the designs on them, producing their own merchandise. The monochrome vectors are entirely free-to-download and fans are invited to tweet their creations to the artist. Take part here