25.11.16 - That's interesting



VICE CREAM is all about one thing: indulgence. Unashamed, irreverent ice cream that’s full-fat, contains sugar and tells its consumer it’s ok to indulge, regardless of how much of a workout they’ve just had. The flavour names are inspired by cheeky vice moments of the day; Afternoon Delight, Breakfast in Bed, Choc of Shame… Photography on pack shows the imperfect beauty of the ice cream melting, dripping, revealing fudge ripples, chocolate chunks. Feel tempted? Dig in here

Dark social

Adidas has launched a dark social marketing campaign for its Glitch trainers, which are only available for purchase through the Glitch app. The consumers have access to it only through a secret code, that might be earned through their closed community on Twitter or Instagram. Tapping into a new era of closed brand networks, Adidas is creating inner circles of consumers promoting exclusivity and a sense of belonging. Find out more here

Secret code

Secret Code is a customisable children’s book aiming to fight workplace stereotypes and empower young girls to challenge gender and society conventions. Built as a response to the lack of women holding leadership jobs in the technology sector, Secret Code creates a new era of role models for its readers. When ordering their copy of the book, girls can choose the character’s physical traits to match their own: the heroine, a young girl that builds robots loves coding and making a mess. Watch the video here

Past Forward

Designer Miuccia Prada and writer-director David O’ Russell have collaborated to create this contemplative, surreal and breathtakingly beautiful film noir. The black and white film, described as a ‘cinematic poem’ blurs dreams and reality, following three actresses while they experience the same scenario. The narrative is experimental as the short film’s main purpose is to exist ‘simply for the joy of making art’. Watch it here