02.12.16 - That's interesting


Brewdog’s Gamble Share

Brewdog’s founders have found a rather unorthodox way to raise funds from the brand’s fans, by asking them to invest in gamble shares. Fans are invited to choose between red or black for the founders to gamble to a Las Vegas casino, in a live-streaming event. The plan is to get the funds and place it into the colour with the most support from the investors. A quite bold move from a rebellious brand. Watch the video here

Cognitive Dress

The Cognitive Dress is a collaboration between fashion label Marchesa and IBM’s machine-learning tool Watson. The garment is able to change colour; communicating five different human emotions – joy, passion, excitement, encouragement and curiosity – following real-life social media conversation during the fashion show. Read more about it here

Emotional Consumption

eBay opened a pop-up shop in London, which measures consumer emotional reactions to products to determine gift suggestions. The visitors entered a booth and shown a selection of 12 products, having their facial expressions analysed to get their personalised suggestions. The purpose of the pop-up is to relieve some stress around the process of gift-hunting and create a more relaxing shopping experience. Have a look here


Ilegal Mezcal, a handcrafted brand of Mexican liquor, had had enough of Trump’s racists statements and decided to take a stand to bring something positive to the community. But staying true to its ethos, the brand organised an international drinking protest party that took place simultaneously in 75 bars and fundraised enough money to help the middle school, Niños de Guatemala, to build a second floor. Read and watch here