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New-York based restaurant Honeybrains serves dishes that feed both body and brain. The menu - that includes many superfoods - claims to improve brain function and fight diseases such as Alzheimers. Visitors are also invited to browse through a Honey Bar displaying many 100% raw honeys, would they wish to discover more. Feeling brain-hungry? Check it out here

Nomadic Kit

The modern nomadic life is depriving roaming individuals of a sense of belonging. Gerardo Osiom, a Mexican designer, is giving back the comforting familiarity of a roaming home with his nomadic kit. The kit contains items with unfinished materials that appeal to different senses; a tableware set, a stone scented candle, a mat and a cushion that beautifully wear over time tell a story, creating a sense of belonging in a minimalistic way. Have a look here


Creative studio Marshmallow Laser Feast has designed Treehugger, a new Virtual Reality experience aiming to change attitudes to conservation. On display at the Southbank Centre, a giant virtual sequoia tree transports visitors into the tree’s nervous system, bringing the eco-system to life. Find out more here

Tmall.com’s store

The online clothing commerce Tmall.com has commissioned design studio X-Living to create their first physical shop. The store is divided into separate zones, each reflecting the mood for one of the brands sold. The space design blends digital and physical, letting shoppers browse on interactive screens, stop for a moment in a rest area or enjoy the make-up and selfie area. Read more about it here