13.01.17- That's Interesting


The Athlete Recovery Sleepwear

Under Armour has just designed an exclusive set of pyjamas to enhance athletic recovery. The initiative comes from a collaboration between the brand and New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, who religiously integrates sleep to his training routine. The pyjamas’ fabric, embedded with bioceramic materials that improve sleep quality, is now available to all: find it here for restful nights.

Function of beauty

New-York based haircare brand Function of Beauty designs bespoke shampoos and conditioners for its customers; asking them to build an online hair profile including hair type and goals before generating a unique formula. Everything is personalised, including the liquids’ colour and the packaging, where the word “beauty” is replaced with the customer’s name and printed in a handwritten font. Discover it here

How Much of This is Fiction

The Foundation for Art and Creative Technology (FACT) will open a new exhibition exploring the nature and impacts of fake news and post-truth politics. “How Much of This is Fiction” will feature 14 installations by international artists, each trying to make sense of a world where reality and fiction have been blurred. Get ready to book your ticket here


As the Internet of Things keeps growing in size and complexity developers have started bringing attention to the need for universal communication tools, able to translate languages between all devices. This inspired Wolff Olins and ZigBee Alliance, who have just collaborated to create Dotdot, the first open-source language for this exact purpose: based on the linguistic unification of Morse Code the language will overcome communication gaps between different network protocols. You can read more about it and marvel at their clean, minimalist visual identity here

Panda steak anyone?

The Grocer has asked us to envision the future of cultured meat – and we undertook the challenge with research, daring thinking and a lot of fun. Our work is featured both in The Sun and in The Daily Mail this week! If you are intrigued to have a glimpse into the future of meat, read the articles here and here