20.01.17 - That's interesting


Screen Shot

Screen Shot is a new bi-annual print magazine and online platform that aims to fight the ephemeral nature of discussion in the digital age. The publication captures moments of pop culture and current affairs into print, using both a scholarly manner and a light-hearted tone. Online visitors are invited to browse content across a timeline, creating a continuous dialogue over time. Discover the new cultural archive here

Utopia vs. Dystopia

New-York based Design Academy has launched its inaugural season with a three-day festival exploring the theme of “Utopia vs. Dystopia: Designing Our Imagined Futures”. Focusing on the role of design in front of social and technological innovations, the festival will dissect and discuss disruptions and advances such as robotics, AI, automation and new production technologies. Will design save the world? Discover it here

Do you believe in more?

FKA Twigs stars in Nike’s latest campaign as creative director. The artist was given complete creative control during the project, from video direction to soundtrack. The resulting video aims to praise the power of modern movement, where people have the ability to exercise without even realising it. Creativity and expression are presented as integral to the sport, taking it – and the brand – beyond fitness. Watch the video here


Me&You is a new South African cosmetics company that aims to deliver clean and trustworthy products. They put their focus on healthy skin, sending out a powerful message of empowerment and inclusivity through cosmetics that can be used by everyone, regardless of age or skin type. The brand boasts a minimalist, black and white design, with a touch of floral designs. Get your fix here

Map 2020

Forget 2017. Welcome to the world of 2020 – fragmented, divisive, cryptic and erratic. In our Map 2020 issue, we explore the future and bring it straight to you. It comes out this week, subscribe here before Wednesday to receive it!