27.01.17 - That's Interesting



Winner of a CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2017 Innovation Award, PillDrill simplifies daily medication routine by giving reminders of when pills need to be taken. The hub also helps patients track their personal health record, with a ‘mood cube’ those five sides feature different states – great, good, OK, bad, awful. The cube can be scanned and responses are uploaded immediately on an app providing close family members and healthcare professionals direct patient information. Find out more here

The Whiskey Makers Series

Jameson’s latest premium series of whiskeys celebrates the work of the masters taking whiskey-making into art: the Head Distiller, the Head Cooper and the Head Blender. Each of the three bottles have been named from the makers’ favourite tool. The series gets its inspiration from their crafts – one is distillate-driven, one maturation-driven and one blend-driven. The traditional feel of the packaging is playfully pocked at by a copper fingerprint mark on the side of each bottle. Read more about it and get your dose here

Up+Down Programme

Athletic brand RYU (Respect Your Universe) has just tapped in the January fitness frenzy by releasing a new programme that offers consumers generous discounts on new sportswear – but only if their body shape changes within a year since the original purchase. Whether the athlete gains muscle or losses weight, new gear will cost them half the regular price, and RYU will donate all returned items to charitable organisations. Fancy giving it a try? Check it out here

Station F

Due to open in Paris next April, Station F aims to become the biggest start-up campus in the world. Built inside a converted railway station, the site will house more than 3,000 desks, 10 international start-up programmes, a makerspace, events’ spaces and private offices. The first start-up incubator, the Startup Garage, will be hosted by Facebook, who will be working with 10-15 businesses to empower them to develop in innovate ways. Check it out here