The Grocer Feature



The first concept, Rare, a high-end brand proposition that offers lab-grown meat derived from highly endangered animals such as pandas, snow leopards and blue whales. Lab-grown meat gives us the ability to recreate meats from endangered animals, turning previously unthinkable experiences into premium opportunities. This is a product for a special occasion so we gave it a pack to match and by adding panda fur to the packaging to create further provocation. 

Animal Pharm

The most political concept of the three, Animal Pharm, revolutionises and democratises with a cultured meat proposition delivering an affordable, healthy and cruelty-free experience. Growing meat in a lab allows vegetarians and vegans to come together as one, since no animals are harmed, hence the bold collective vibe the designs give off and the “Ph” suggesting the science and labs involved.


The third concept is a tailored diet aimed at millennials, ME@ (pronounced ‘meat’). The rise of wearables in the fitness industry creates an opportunity for lab-grown meat to be engineered to meat its consumer’s lifestyle. By wearing a smartwatch, it scans the users individual nutritional needs, connects to an app which then delivers a perfect cube of cultured meat needed for a healthy body via drone right outside your front door.  

After being published on the front page of The Grocer, these concepts have also been featured on The Mail Online and The Sun