02.02.17 - That's Interesting


Arctic’s Paper

Arctic Paper has just released a short film to introduce its two new paper series: uncoated Munken Design and coated Arctic Volume. Aiming to translate both products in the digital world, the supra-realistic 3D movie shows natural materials transforming - growing, corroding and flowing – in front of the viewer, bringing natural process into the digital story of the materials and papers’ existence. Watch it here

Downtown Toko

When BrightHead Studio was asked to rebrand the Dubai-based Japanese restaurant and express branch Downtown Toko, they decided to take a bold approach and to create a truly international brand, moving away from traditional subdued Japanese aesthetics. The result displays a series of abstract, colourful, swirling patterns and a gold-embossed font; creating a powerful and contemporary identity for the brand. Find more visuals for the brand here and discover the restaurant here


Fingertips Lab’s designers really like to drive safely – but they also like checking their phone a lot. So much, actually, that they created a device exclusively to allow drivers to toggle between websites and apps while driving: a rotation dial that clips onto the steering wheel, and works as a remote button able to connect to the driver’s smartphone. The O6 device can ‘read’ information (emails, tweets, etc.) and respond to voice prompts thanks to AI text-to-speech tech. Get in line to order it here


The new Norwegian teen drama explores a unique real-time airing model: each episode is available to watch online when the action is taking place. For example, a scene of a party will be aired on a Friday evening at midnight, or a classroom one on a weekday morning. The length of each episode varies hugely from 15 to 45 minutes. Content drops without any more forewarning than a few hints on the ‘pretended’ social media accounts for the show’s characters and screenshots of text messages posted on the broadcaster’s website. Watch the trailer – and decide if you want to catch it here