10.02.17 - That's Interesting


The Journey by 84 Lumber

This year Super Bowl spectators saw growing activism in the much anticipated half-time adverts. But it was US-based hardware chain 84 Lumber who stole the show, with a controversial two-part spot focusing on immigration and openly referencing the wall – yet to be built – between the US and the Mexican border. The ad follows the harrowing journey of a Mexican mother and daughter travelling to America and when confronted to the reality of the wall discovering it has been fitted with an open door. But controversies around the brand’s ambiguous position on the wall’s construction – the CEO doesn’t seem opposed to it – have been storming online. Watch it here


The meal replacement brand offers compact solutions aimed at Korean Millennial women, specifically designed in accordance with the Korean Nutrition Society’s guidelines. Options to create a chewable, more solid food sensation is available through toppings, and booster sachets can also help with individual requirements. The brand stands out through a bold, bright-coloured branding, celebrating the synthetic nature of the products. Discover it here

Gita by Piaggo Fast Forward

Aiming to ‘pioneer the intelligent movement of people and goods’, Gita is a new artificial intelligence (AI) vehicle capable of navigating – if needed, independently – in any environment. It can carry up to 40lb, speed up to 22 miles per hour to follow a bicycle and has the ability to detect and avoid oncoming objects. Pushing for extreme convenience in shopping, groceries or travel, the Gita frees its user from mundane transport chores. Learn more about it here

Marc Jacobs’ Valentine’s Day

Do you find Valentine’s Day cheesy and overrated? Marc Jacobs’ response to it might be perfect for you: spinning around the over-romantised celebration to poke fun at it, the brand released a series of short adverts similar to 1990s sex hotline infomercials. The number listed on-screen will play the caller an automated seducing-voice recording sharing a discount code to be user before the 14th February. Get seduced here