17.02.17 - That's interesting


New Craft

The artisanal nature of the craft beer market is being reinvented by And Union. The brand is taking a more minimal distinct approach that moves away from expected craft cues. The design is simple and bold, with monochromatic cans that feature no graphics, apart from the product name in black lettering. Tactile elements on pack complement the minimal design by adding a sense of depth, and possibly creating a new design language for the craft beer market. Have a look here 


Care/of wants to disrupt the way we take vitamins. Rejecting the overwhelming aisles of fine print and hard sells, the subscription service starts by asking a few questions about lifestyle, diet and health goals. It then sends a month’s worth of personalised supplement packs is to the user. Honesty and transparency are key to the brand: each supplement comes with the research behind it, helping the consumer to make an informed choice, and the ingredient supply chain is all visible on their website. Discover it here

Botanical Perfume

Xinú is a perfume brand dedicated to the America’s aromatic botanicals, using raw materials that document the scents of the continent. Building on the America’s symbolism of vastness and exoticism, appealing to our need for discovery, the brand offers three distinct scents in sustainable multipurpose bottles that are a unique combination of style, craftsmanship and function reflecting the unique essence of the brand. Have a look here

Little Circle’s recircle

Little Circle is a British brand that specialises in contemporary and luxurious childrenswear, curated from the work of select designers. But it doesn’t just stop at high-end items – the company aims to provide a convenient solution to the short life span of children’s clothing. Whenever the child has outgrown his or her clothes, they can be sent back and resold, and the parents will get a credit for the next clothes’ generation. Read more about it here