24.02.17 - That's interesting


Take In

The Helsinki pop-up tries out an unusual concept: the restaurant doesn’t have a kitchen. Instead, guests are invited to order takeaways from neighbouring restaurants through a Finish app, Wolt, on-site. Take In only provides plates and cutlery (on request) and space to gather and eat – consumers do not get charged delivery or entry fee. Aiming to offer a solution for solo diners, groups with different dietary needs and lack of space in urban environments, the pop-up is open until the end of April. Have a look here

What Will They Say About You?

Nike’s new advertising campaign shine the spotlight on Middle Eastern female athletes. The film, entirely narrated in Arabic – English translation is only available with subtitles – challenges the stereotyped vision of women in the Arab World. It features professional and everyday athletes, showing strong support from the brand for female empowerment. Watch it here

Jack Daniel’s American Serve

Jack Daniel’s new range aims to bring true whiskey lovers convenience and quality. Now coming in a can, the ready-to-drink product provides the ‘perfect pour’: one and a half shots of Jack Daniel’s Old No.7 with a splash of mixer. Flavours have been kept authentic and classic; the design communicates strong values of heritage and craftsmanship. Hoping to appeal to a more sophisticated consumer that might not have been keen on the current ready-to-drink market. Check it out here

Burberry’s Maker House exhibition

An exhibition at the Makers House in Soho includes the new Burberry Collection alongside sculptures and works by Henry Moore. Focus is put on working methods and creative processes: visitors can enjoy drawings, found objects and large-sculptures by the artist. The display draws on the inspiration the fashion designers have taken from his work to develop the new collection. Find your way there here