03.03.17 - That's Interesting


Heineken’s FOBO Bottle.

Heineken created a bottle that carries the stories of those that have used it. FOBO – the forwardable bottle is returnable, boasting a 70% lower carbon footprint than a one-way bottle. Designed to become more beautiful and attractive as it gets older; each individual bottle has been etched with a unique code that enables consumers to look online where the bottle has been, and to upload their own experience of it. Discover it here or here if you can speak French!

Sony’s Xperia Touch Projector

Sony Mobile has launched an interactive projector that transforms surfaces into touchscreen-like interfaces. The device can project onto floors, tables and walls and detect any movement corresponding to clicks and swipes. The Xperia Touch is positioned to be used as a consumer device at home, for gaming, education, online video streaming and communication. Read more about it here

Haudegen’s visual flavours beers

Designer Constantin Bolimond has designed three patterned bottles for Haudegen, a modern beer with unusual flavours: “coca leaves & others”, “ale pepper” and “ginger porter”. The design combines elements of modernity and tradition – a fun, colourful graphic patterned background, different for each flavour is designed to not only visualise the taste of the beer, but to reinforce it. Marvel at the designs here

A Factory As It Might Be

The Architecture Collective Assemble reinvents the factory as a cooperative, community-powered space. The project, A Factory As It Might Be, is an on-site clay-making factory that will be managed by the community once the project ends. The factory’s front is cladded with ties made inside. Read more about it here