10.03.17 - That's Interesting


United By Half by Benetton

Benetton has relaunched its Indian Valentine’s Day campaign for International Women’s Day. The film calls for gender equality and the break-down of cultural stereotypes, depicting Indian women taking on non-traditional roles, demanding equal pay. The campaign has been viewed more than 7.7m times and has received an overwhelming positive response. Watch it here

Commonwealth Brewing Co’s expressive packaging.

Craft brewery Commonwealth Brewing Co had its packaging redesigned to bring to life the flavours of its beers. The result four cans are printed with vivid swirling colours and textures, photographed still of colourful inks interacting on a plate. The deep, rich colours add to the sensorial perception of the beers’ flavour. Admire the packs here

Balenciaga’s website

The luxury fashion house has revamped its website, giving it a minimalist aesthetic. The new interface is stripped of any image other than of the clothes. Grid-like boxes and a white background reveal the designers’ inspiration – Microsoft Excel and its charts. In addition to playing into aesthetic of anti-embellishment, the interface has the advantage of enabling easy navigation and fast-loading times. Discover it here

The Vending Machine Art Gallery

The new British pop-up shop that wants to democratise art. The Vending Machine Art Gallery sells limited edition prints from emerging artists in – the clue is in the name – a vending machine. The limited quantities of prints allow the concept to stay valuable and precious to art aficionados, while remaining affordable for the wider audience, that might have otherwise been too intimidated to buy art. Discover it here