17.03.17 - That's Interesting


The Walled Off Hotel

Street artist Banksy has opened a hotel on the Israeli West Bank barrier. Boasting the ‘worst view of any hotel in the world’, it aims to draw tourists into a region that often gets overlooked and raise awareness of the wall and the years of wars affecting the area. The interior resembles an English colonial gentleman’s club, but worn-out, decrepit furniture and art from Banksy himself highlight the politically-charged nature of the project. Discover the hotel here

Tasty’s personalized coffee blends

The BuzzFeed-owned foodie website is launching its own brand of coffee. For a complete personalized coffee experience, users are invited to take a quiz, answering questions such as how much caffeine they want in their coffee, and what name they would like to see printed on the packaging. The trend of hyper-personal products is growing, and is just starting to appear in mainstream platforms. Get your very own unique coffee here

The Frame

Yves Behar worked with Samsung to develop The Frame, a smart TV that doubles as an art display. When not in use, the television is designed to ‘disappear in the décor’, going into ‘Art Mode’; adjusting brightness sensors to give an experience similar to one of an analogue frame, and displaying art from the most prestigious museums or from the user’s personal photos. The Frame even turns off completely when nobody is in the room. Beautify your home here


Fashion designer Matty Dovan has directed a short film reflecting on modern femininity for Barbie’s 58th birthday. The video sees girls from the designer’s hometown wearing colorful gendered-neutral clothing and make-up, speaking about fashion as ‘everything and nothing’ and a form of self-expression. To accompany the film in the celebrations, a collection of Barbie dolls and unisex merchandise is sold at the Fashion East pop-up shop in Selfridges. Watch the film here