24.03.17 - That's Interesting



Visitors aren’t in risk of being bothered at Ichiran: the New York ramen chain encourages solo eating, proposing to customers to seat in individual booths, from which they can order their food without any face to face interaction with restaurant staff. The solo booths aim to focus the dining experience entirely on the food rather than on customer service. Book your spot here


Residents of Santa Monica now have the opportunity to get involved in their city’s planning through CitySwipe, a Tinder-like app that presents them with urban development plans, which they can swipe and choose. Questions range from the superficial (tables and chair or park benches?) to the more thorough (attitudes to walking). Discover it here

Cosabella’s Artificial Intelligence platform

After suffering from a period of poor performance, lingerie retailer Cosabella decided to make a bold move. They replaced their digital agency with an AI platform named ‘Albert’. In no time, Albert had started exceeded the brand's expectations, tripling its ROI and increasing the customer base by 30%. The brand has since then sworn to ‘never go back to humans’… Read about the next big thing here


Gucci has launched a collective meme project around its new watch collection. The luxury fashion brand asked international viral creators to design a Gucci version of the popular TFW (That Feeling When) meme; creating snippets of the brand that will get used by Internet users, allowing them to express themselves online through Gucci. Discover the project here