31.03.17 - That's Interesting


Airism by Uniqlo & Machineast

Uniqlo has partnered with Machineas to create a film presenting the innovative attributes of the brand’s AIRism fibre technology. Each of the five attributes are presented in a visual art piece, combining audio and visual in mini-films that viewers are invited to lose themselves in. Watch it here

IKEA’s Trådfri lighting range

IKEA has launched a smart lighting range including bulbs, LED panels and light cabinet doors. Settings can be controlled through a remote or app, allowing users to set up their own optimal lighting, and to change it through the day. Following IKEA’s mantra of simplicity and affordability, Trådfri is designed as an entry kit for those who might be put off by the complexity of smart-home gadgets. Discover the range here

Sainsbury’s weather-responsive Ads

Sainsbury’s clothing brand Tu has launched a contextual outdoor ad campaign for its Spring 2017 collection. The digital on-screen ad uses online data to adapt the clothing presented to the current weather, matching sun to short sleeves and skirt, or rain to jackets and scarves. Discover the most British of ad campaigns here


LGBT dating app Grindr has just launched a lifestyle digital magazine featuring articles, video and photography around topics such as fashion, culture or current world events. The publication, Into, targets the LGBT community, aiming to shift away from its reputation of a hook-up app. Read more about it here