07.04.17 - That’s Interesting


Bacardi’s “We are the night”

Bacardi has just launched a campaign using Spotify’s Branded Moments, a service tracking patterns in users' listening habits to give advertisers access to specific moments in their day. Bacardi targeted listeners on the move during the moments in-between partying, such as the “Fashionably Late Corners”, the “Midnight Feasters” and the “Last Train Sprinters”.


Wuu is a new messaging app that wants to be the alternative to ‘like-obsessed’ social media. The app is entirely private and messages are temporal as they disappear after 24 hours. Wuu is built as “a space where people share silly photos, videos and messages” – and strictly forbids follower count, influencers, ads and likes. Download the app here


COS & Studio Swine’s Blossoming Sculpture

For the Milan design week COS partnered with Studio Swine to create a multisensory installation that brings a moment of contemplation to its visitors. Built inside a 1930s movie theatre, a tree-like structure emits pale bubbles encapsulating white mist. The bubbles burst and release the mist when in contact with skin, but not fabric – meaning visitors can handle them with gloves. Discover the piece here


Blend Station

The new coffee shop in Mexico shuns away artisanal, ‘old-fashioned’ tropes, and instead playfully builds its branding around the wake-up boost given by caffeine. The space is bright and well-lit, with bold illustrations of eyes opened, and wants to wake its visitors up as much as the coffee they are drinking. Find out more about it here