13.04.17 - That's Interesting


Magnum’s crackable Tubs

Magnum has just launched a series of playful ice cream tubs. The three new ice creams come wrapped in a chocolate shell and topped with a thick chocolate disc, that treat-lovers are invited to crack by squeezing the sides of the tub. Get it and indulge here

The Perspective

The digital news platform sets itself to fight the Echo chamber by pushing its readers to get engaged with both sides of each argument. When opening an article, users are shown a link to another article presenting an alternative opinion. Challenging them to broaden their opinions, and ultimately bursting the filter bubble. Discover the other side here

The Future Sausage

For the Milan Salone 2017 designer Caroline Niebling set herself to reinvented the sausage. Worried by the perspective of a future protein shortage, she developed recipes in collaboration with a molecular chef and a master butcher. The recipes rely on insect, fungi and plants, and aim to educate consumers around alternative proteins. Feast your eyes here

Nendo’s Jellyfish Vases

For this year’s Milan Design week design company Nendo put together the Invisible Outlines, an exhibition exploring the theme of boundaries in design.  The start of the show, the Jellyfish Vases, are ultra-thin transparent silicon vases of different shapes, floating in an aquarium, left to wobble like jellyfish. Marvel at the installation here