28.04.17 - That's Interesting



The new luxurious body care range includes only 5 products, but that doesn’t mean it can do any less: the products target specific needs instead of specific body part, providing greater functionality and convenience for consumers. The brand is sustainably-minded, using natural, high-end ingredients. Discover the products here

Sonos x Gorillaz’s Spirit House

British pop-rock band Gorillaz has just partnered with audio brand Sonos to create an immersive experience for the launch of their latest album, Humanz. Fans in New York, Berlin and Amsterdam were invited to meet in event hubs and to ‘enter’ the group’s virtual reality house as Sonos speakers played two songs of the album. Read more about the experience here

Heineken’s Worlds Apart

Heineken’s latest advert, part of the Open Your World campaign, is a ‘social experiment’ that brings together duos of people with opposing viewpoints. The participants are put through a series of building activities and discussions to foster connection and bonding, and ultimately create understanding and empathy for eath other – all to enjoy over a beer. Watch the movie here

IKEA’s original Frakta bag

After luxury brand Balenciaga released their version of the shopper’s bag for the modest amount of £1,705, resembling the famous IKEA blue Frakta bag, the Swedish giant answered with a witty advert to help their consumers to identify the “original”. Instructions include shake it to see if it rustles, and throw it in the dirt to see if it can be rinsed off with a gardening hose. Read more about it here