05.05.17 - That's Interesting


The Catastrophic Meal

As one of the 2017 European Capitals of Culture, Aarhus (Denmark) is launching a series of projects around the theme of gastronomy. The Catastrophic Meal, one of those projects, invites guests to a three-course meal that imagines two different futures for the food we consume: a dystopian and a utopian. Eight chefs have created the dining experience using research done by scientists, farmers and biologists. Read more about what you could be eating in the future here.


A new beauty brand that exclusively targets women of colour, Epara was founded to answer a need for established black skincare in the UK. The range’s products include ingredients all native to Africa, ethically-sourced and organic. Already sold in Harrods, the brand highlights a demand for luxurious niche beauty products. Marvel at their beautifully minimalist packaging here.

Transparent Wood

If you’ve had enough of broken windows you’re going to like what’s coming: Swedish researchers have discovered a way to make wood transparent. The emerging material has been created as a more sustainable alternative to plastic or glass. At the moment the “transparent wood composite” is 85% transparent, and maintains all the properties of natural wood, opening new perspectives in architecture and design. Amaze yourself here.


Introducing the latest Chinese musical sensation: FFC-ACrush, a boyband composed of androgynous - yet cisgender - women impersonating boys. The “husbands”, as their fans call them, reject gendered pronouns in favor of the more evocative “meishaonian” (“handsome youths” in Chinese). The group hasn’t actually released a single yet but already counts nearly a million followers on Weibo, the Chinese version of Twitter. Read more about the next big thing here.

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