12.05.17 - That's Interesting


Paying for clean air?

The Airvida Air Purifier is a new wearable that takes air purifying into modern jewellery. The necklace is ergonomic and lightweight, and works by constantly producing negative ions/cm3 which purify the wearer’s surrounding air from hazards such as pollen or bacteria. Discover the new tech thing here

The fastest marathon ever

Nike has partnered with three elite athletes in an attempt to break the 2-hours record time in the marathon. The Breaking2 initiative saw the athletes and the brand collaborate with engineering, sports and design experts, aiming to “challenge the perception of what is possible in sport, reset the expectations of products and enable Nike to gather incredible athlete insight”. Do you want to know if they made it? Find out here

Eating psychology for dinner

Dutch artist Marije Vogelzang’s ‘Volumes’ aim to influence our eating patterns by disrupting the way we understand the weight and quantity of food in our plate. The stones are covered in food safe, heat-resistant colourful silicone; the organic shapes had to the weight of the plate, looking to unconsciously prevent over-eating. Decide if you’d like to try here

The controversial “Real Beauty Bottles”

Dove’s “Real Beauty” campaign is a well-known, long-standing success in the body care aisle, and as part of it the brand has just released a limited-edition run of “Real Beauty Bottles”: six different bottles that represent body diversity –curvy, tall, petite, etc. But the initiative is receiving mixed reactions, including a ferocious internet backlash. Hit or miss? Watch the video here and let us know what you think!

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