19.05.17 - That's Interesting


Tailor-made vitamins

VITL’s founders had a vision to create vitamins packs that aren’t generic or mass-produced, and really work for the needs of the individual. They designed VITL Personalised, a subscription service that uses an advanced, bespoke AI to digest lifestyle and biometric data, giving customers an insight on their health and a tailored vitamin pack. Get yours here

Munch on ugly fruits

Snact makes healthy and sustainable fruit jerky from fruits that would otherwise be wasted. The brand partners with British farmers and makes the jerkies out of their waste and surplus produce – fruits that get rejected by supermarkets for frustratingly high aesthetic standards. The snacks are even packaged in entirely compostable bags – we approve! Discover the brand here

Label of Love

French supermarket Monoprix is well-known in its home-country for its playful packagings, which feature product names-based puns on the labels. Now their latest advert stars the packs, telling us a story of romance between a boy and a girl, driven by the cheeky jokes that make the brand dear to its customers. Get your slice of romance here

Drop the yoga mat

Lululemon took a bold approach for their latest advert. The “This is Yoga” short film doesn’t show yogi practicing as we are used to see them do it, instead focusing on how the practice impacts their lives outside of the studio.  Yogis are shown dancing, surfing, singing, engaged with the core tenets of the discipline – trust, self-discovery, self-discipline… Watch it here

Map 29: Distilled Discoveries


Our latest future thinking piece will be available next week to our Map subscribers. This issue will look at the changing landscape of the beverages category, and unpack trends such as the evolution of the craft movement, hyper-functional ingredients and the rise of ultra-experiential drinking occasion.

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