26.05.17 - That's Interesting


Sweet Innovation

Mars has just launched The Cocoa Exchange, a series of three chocolate sample kits of the company’s brands (Dove Signature, Pure Dark and Pod Bean). The kits will be purchased by members of the publics, or “curators” who organise at-home parties to promote the products. Any of the brands’ chocolates purchased during those events include a commission to the curator. Discover more here

Sip Slowly

Responding to the growing need to slow down, Opus B, a Polish design studio, created a conceptual drink packaging doing exactly that. The anti-energy drink comes in an hourglass formed/composed by two bottles joined together. The structure of the bottle is such that it takes more time to serve its content, “the calming milkshake”, while the double pack hourglass apart from referencing time, it is also encouraging users to take time and share. Have a look here

A spiky pavilion

Visitors of this year’s Clerkenwell Design Week can now discover the latest of London designer Giles Miller’s installation: a pavilion build of 8,000 black lightning-bolt-shapes pieces. The pavilion houses watch and leather goods brand Detroit, who approached Miller to introduce their work to creative Londoners. Find out more about The Bolt here

Mental Booze

Arepa is a juice-based drink with nootropic and mind-enhancing ingredients that stimulate alpha brain waves, boosting creativity while fighting depression. The brand promises to offer mental clarity and focus, by bringing together neuroscience and nature, with this caffeine-free antioxidant drink. Get your multipack of clarity here

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