02.06.17 - That's interesting


Smart Tech Tattoos

Researchers at MIT Media Lab and Harvard Medical School have teamed up to create tattoo ink that reacts to your body’s chemistry – visually conveying real-time data about levels of glucose, sodium or pH. The development of this ‘beauty technology’ could reduce the need for diabetics to do multiple daily finger-prick tests to check blood sugar levels, or indicate when the body is dehydrated. Check out the project here

BMW Motorrad

The latest concept vehicle from the German brand is a zero-emissions scooter that would make it easier for riders to get around cities. BMW claim that it will “reinvent urban mobility” by being both a connected device as well as a method of transport – not only can the vehicle link up to the rider’s calendar and pre-plan routes in advance, displays can also be changed by touching buttons on the handlebars. Have a look further here

Trawler Trash

The new London restaurant aims to counter the environmental impact of irresponsible fishing by serving seafood that is less well known, and instead, focuses on fish that is often disregarded in favour of traditional catches. Not only is the seasonal menu sourced from small British suppliers, but is also designed around the trash typically associated with trawler men. Support their cause here 

Magic Pasta

At Path, we love a bit of pasta, so we were particularly excited by MIT Media Lab’s new innovation: flat packed pasta that snaps into shape when you add water. Made of flat sheets of gelatine and starch, the edible pieces can fold into various shapes when it comes into contact with water. The researchers found that the volume of packaging for macaroni is 67% air – this futuristic technology could be used to package the product more efficiently. Get inspired here