16.06.17 - That's Interesting



MySkinNeeds is a face cream brand whose packaging helps you choose the right type of cream for your face through innovate paper technology. Using precise dermatological criteria, they matched the structure of their packagings to the haptic properties of skin, blending in silicone, chalk, wood fibre and much more to create a unique tactile experience that feels like the skin it will treat: dry, oily or normal. Discover the packagings here 

Polluted Popsicles

Students at the National Taiwan University of the Arts have designed a series of dirty popsicles to raise awareness on the levels of pollution in Taiwanese waters. The Polluted Popsicles are made of actual polluted waters sources around Taiwan. Follow the project here

The Magic Wallpaper

French DIY store Castorama has just launched an interactive wallpaper for children’ bedtime stories. The wallpaper features different characters, each of them acting as a digital marker that the parent or child can scan through an app to generate a story. Characters can also be combined to create a new story. Discover the wallpaper here

GU's Stroopwafel

Energy foods company GU has just combined indulging breakfast and energy bar. The company is now producing the “GU energy Stroopwafel”, their take on traditional Dutch waffles – filled with packed energy from fibre, sodium, caffeine, and more. But will you go exercise afterwards? Test yourself here

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