30.06.17 - That's Interesting


Matalog Design's sustainable shoe packaging

Matalog design has just launched a new innovative sustainable packaging for shoes. The new packaging uses up to 57% less card and occupies up to 50% less volume, making transportation and storage smarter and greener. It can also be converted into a bag by consumers to be easily transported. Read more about it here

The TREO razor

Gillette is leading the way of responsible design with the launch of the first razor designed with care-givers in mind, the first in the category. The Gillette TREO assists a safer shave and is designed to work with less water, outside of the bathroom, where many elderly men are shaved. Watch here the emotional TV show introducing the razor. 


Dreem is a wearable device designed to promote a better night’s sleep, by synchronising sound stimulation with user’s brain activity. It has a variety of features for better breathing, meditation and smart alarm that wakes users when they are in the lighter stages of sleep. The vision of the neurotechnology start-up Rhythm which invented the device is to change how people perceive their sleep and improve their well-being. You can pre-order yours here

Clear Coffee

If you like your coffee light, Clear Coffee will be perfect for you. The colourless coffee maintains the taste and caffeine boost of coffee, but doesn’t risk staining your clothes or teeth. The innovative formula is kept secret, but no chemicals or additives are used in the brewing process. Interested? Check it out here

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