“Frozen food is inferior to fresh, at least that’s what a third (32%) of Brits believe. And this view is widespread among younger generations, as 48% of those aged 16-24 agree, according to a poll of 2,000 consumers carried out for us by Harris Interactive.”

Frozen food is often perceived as cheap, mass produced or inferior. This isn’t true. In fact, frozen food can offer advantages. This is why Path decided to challenge the perceptions of frozen food and opted to create a deli-style experience. 

By proudly displaying the ingredients in a visible market counter, we create an experience for the consumers. Shoppers are now involved on a human level, which completely elevates the frozen experience.

Shoppers can build their own convenient meal boxes, by mix-matching from the selection of pre-prepared goods. The Frozen Counter Expert is able to advise and suggest meal plans, just like a traditional butcher. Since frozen produce lasts longer, retailers can also stock more exotic ingredients.

“The range is designed for foodies with sophisticated tastes, looking for provenance cues and unusual food experiences,” Path Group Strategy Director, Ben Sillence. This authentic deli-style experience completely replaces the idea of frozen ‘convenience’ with frozen ‘freshness’.  

There’s much more to The Artic Deli Company than just a Brrr-occoli! 

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