07.07.17 - That's Interesting



Phabit is a connected plant pot designed by the RCA graduate Jen-Hsien Chiu, to encourage its users to develop healthier habits. It comes with a fitness-tracking app, which monitors behaviour and uses GPS to identify whether the user is home or at the gym exercising. The app is connected to the plant and provides water and sunlight according to the user’s activity to encourage a more active lifestyle - get fit and watch your plant grow! Read more about it here

Nature's sweets

Scholz & Friends developed packaging to encourage children to see natural sweets, aka fruits, as a treat. The packaging is meant to make fruit more attractive with colourful and eye-catching materials, so that nature’s sweets look like indulgence, to promote healthy eating. Have a look here

Saint Ives's pop up

Beauty brand St.Ives has launched a mixing bar pop-up in New York, as part of an experiential personalisation initiative that gives visitors the opportunity to create their own skincare. Visitors can choose ingredients, such as melon, lychee and ginger and watch the brand ambassadors creating their selected products. The pop-up also features a touchscreen vending machine with complementary samples. Fond out more here

Frazzled cafés

Marks & Spenser launched Frazzed cafés in 11 of its stores, in collaboration with Ruby Wax, an American mental health campaigner. The brand aims to provide an environment for people that feel overwhelmed by the stress of modern life, to come together and share their stories. Have a look here

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