21.07.17 - That's Interesting



Tovala is a new meal subscription plan that comes with a smart oven that can cook the delivered meals in just 20 minutes, by simply scanning a barcode from its packaging. The meals are high-quality, fresh and pre-prepared, and the oven knows how long they should be cooked for and on what temperature. Give it a go here


Komorebi is the final project of RCA graduate Leslie Nooteboom. The projector creates natural lighting in a room by projecting scenes of sunlight coming through tree branches, of a warm sunset behind mesh curtains or of pool water reflections onto the walls. Komorebi uses a motor to move the light across a space, making it look realistic and natural. Marvel yourself here

Braille literacy

Braille literacy is a board that helps visually impaired and blind people learn to read independently. The board in composed of multiple tiles with letters of the alphabet written in braille on them. The tiles can be placed on the board to hear how the letter sounds like. Users can then start putting words together to hear how they sound like. Discover the project, now looking for backing on Kickstarter, here

The Eurostar Odyssey

The Eurostar Odyssey is the brand new virtual reality experience on the train cross-channel company. Travelers are offered the chance to put on VR headsets and watch the roof of the train transforms into a glass ceiling. The company hopes to encourage families to get on board with the experience. Check it out here

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